Celebrity Travel Addicts: Caroline and Craig from Y Travel Blog

In the Current Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we interview Craig and Caroline Makepeace from Y Traveling Blog.

Nonstop has been traveling with their two daughters. They’ve lived in 5 states and researched 52 nations!  Have a look at her top 5 tips for Broome, Australia and in which their off to next!


How did your passion for travel get started?

I didn’t travel much as a kid, however, I had kids that were curious and passionate. That sparked my fascination to experience existence as much as possible and to explore far and wide. He traveled throughout Europe and moved to London, If my older brother was 20. His tales seemed thrilling to me that I knew that had to be my path once I graduated in the University. And true to that need, I left three days later I obtained my degree. This was in 1997 and I’ve been traveling ever since.

Just how are you currently travel in any given calendar year? Which are the sorts of places would you want to see?

At this moment, I am traveling full-time. We do plan remaining days in between our journeys until we proceed 24, but they generally don’t last for at least a week.

What is it that you want viewers to achieve / learn from your job?

I’d have went at least 2 weeks of each year Previously I had my very own mobile business. So every day felt like a new travel adventure But, I worked in other nations.

I see you only started your road trip that is American 3 years. What’s the itinerary and what exactly are you most excited about?

I like the outside, so anywhere that’s things and all-natural beauty. Now that we have young kids, we tend to concentrate on road trips and destinations that are easier for individuals to manage the countless hats we use.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Caroline and Craig from Y Travel Blog

Name your top three destinations you have traveled?

That journey is something they can fit in their life lifestyle that is desired or regardless of their circumstances. We love to show them the way to detach from the chaos of a lifetime that doesn’t serve desire and their worth — that will be the should’s, have to’s and musts — so they can reconnect to and follow their bliss. Within that is our view that if you travel more, memories that are better are created by you.

Give us your’Top 5′ Record for one of these destinations, like a list of Types:

Our itinerary is flexible. In actuality, I’m typing this from the car as we proceed to our second destination — something we just chose 1 hour into our journey!!

How many nations have you seen up to now?

We will be largely East Coast located for the remainder of this year next summer, moving over into south-west states and also the mountain.

Your top three favorite cuisines?

We’re currently having. I like the musical history of this area. My daughter is most excited about Harry Potter World and Orlando.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Caroline and Craig from Y Travel Blog

Favorite restaurant on the planet?

One region we’re very excited about is that the Pacific Northwest. We’ve heard excellent things about it and it is not a place we have seen yet.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Caroline and Craig from Y Travel Blog

Your travel movie?

I’m a little biased in stating Australia because it is my home country. However, we travelled the country extensively so can confidently say it is truly wonderful.

Favorite international airport?

South Africa is also another favourite destination. It’s magnificent as you can so, and you can’t beat seeing animals! . And we really do enjoy the diversity and cultural prosperity of the USA.

City with the friendliest folks?

Let Us go Together with our favorite Location in Australia, Broome.

Your favorite travel companion?

About 56. As I’m not good at restricting them, I say about. I’d rather go deep and broad compared to skim the surface.

While traveling, Finest method you kill time?

Thai, Mediterranean, and contemporary Australian.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Caroline and Craig from Y Travel Blog

What’s the most exotic location you have been taken by your livelihood?

Oh I do not think this can be answered by me. I’ve been to numerous and not actually a restaurant connoisseur! Let us say that the Mangrove Hotel as mentioned above due to the live audio the views, as well as also the tasty venison chorizo cooked cherry tomato and crispy cheese pizza.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Caroline and Craig from Y Travel Blog

Your piece?

The Endless Summer

What are 4 things that you might never travel without?

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What’s your ultimate dream destination?

Anything but Los Angeles. Lol. Probably Sydney.

Your travel quote?

Raleigh, North Carolina.

I’ve never seen anywhere else quite there.

Where to next?


It with.

Reading and journaling.

With kids, I don’t get much of a chance to kill time!

We worked at the Kimberley.

So we needed to catch a sea plane to function from Broome the road was 180km off. We worked and remained on camp for 3-5 weeks at a time heading out to the ships to scrape barnacles off the decoration. We had been in among the beautiful and most pristine regions in Australia although it had been hard work. A location where tourists would pay $1000 to go to on a particular cruise.

We had rodents and dingoes cruising around our campsite and green tree frogs in our toilet. The ocean was filled with fish, sharks, whales and crocodiles. Surrounding the camp have been hiking paths, Aboriginal rock art, and waterholes such as swimming. It had been an wonderful experience!

Believe in the magic of Chances.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Caroline and Craig from Y Travel Blog

Do not tell all of the reasons you can’t. Understand what you want and ask,”How do I make this happen?” And after that remain open into the chance of this happening in most exciting and unexplained ways and the weirdest.

An open mind. My journal. A scarf. Bottle of water.

The Maldives.

“We journey to not escape life, but also for life to not escape us.” — Anonymous

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Caroline and Craig from Y Travel Blog

From Nashville to Asheville — taking from the Smoky Mountains!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Caroline and Craig from Y Travel Blog

Caroline Makepeace is your co-founder of ytravelblog.com, among the planet’s largest travel sites, with her husband, Craig.  They’ve made a travel planning toolkit that will assist people follow their bliss unplug from the chaos, and travel more to create memories. They are road tripping to discover the Unplugged secrets. Travelling and writing about it, you can find her purchasing a different crystal to meditate with in the local market, or swinging into the songs of Jack Johnson in a beach hammock at sunset. You can connect with them on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.